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Recent Activities


  • Hello everyone, You all know the situation of XP... so and everyone knows that if nothing happens there is no future. You have to know i had a big accident and can't move my arm this is the reason why I'm not active this time. But this is not the reason of this situation we all know Mta and gta sa is out to date. There is the point we close the Clan...... not. We're Xtreme-Players and we stand up if we fall down so guys there some new things we planed and we don't want do a secret of this. Here are some news : We got new heads ( Blitz as Scripter in cooperation with diegofkda, Shox as web site Manager and Jil/Tolga as Team/Community management.) For first all Server of XP will be closed we work for new better than ever seen script.…

  • 01.11.2015
    [DM] Fernando - vol. 1 - Margarita Tropical
    [DM] Fernando - vol. 2 - Unbelievable
    [DM] Fernando - vol. 3 - Almighty
    [DM]Dreams~ v4 Awake
    [DM] KnOwN ft. Mirage - Damage Control
    [DM].exAmp# -ft- NatureX+ -ft-#DroX - Decisions
    [DM] FataL ft.NobeuS ft.Miketz - Profundity
    [DM]ConTroL - v3 - Celestial Darkness
    [DM]DeRoX ft. KnockZ ft. Artic ft. OxY - Glorious Caves
    [DM] EpiiC ft DUSK ft Clonee - Too Far Gone
    [DM]GameX ft. Sheep - The Western
    [DM]Dink - vol7 - Explorer!

    [DM] DizzasTeR ft. Darmos ft. Rage ft. Fancy - Novelty II
    [DM] Jawed ft. BrighT ft. Ni:12 - Passion For Speed
    [DM] ShuX ft. SandeX ft. Flash - Radical Redemption
    [DM] Mir ft. Krzysztof - Downtown Passage

    [DM] Andro…

  • As some persons may know yesterday we had General Meeting #2, so it means that we're in one server and consult important matters what going to be established. Also there belong promotions
    to new Clan Trials, Clan Members from currently Clan Trials and also Administrator. So let's slowly explain all news to you!

    First I want say big sorry to applicants to Clan Trials, that they needed to wait so long, I've been so busy with development stuff. And finally they're here to see results. I need to say
    that deciding was so hard for everyone, I needed to clam down and think about it in night and same I did! DarkWolf, Zythex, Billionaire and Powerman applicants to Clan Trials and chance to be
    in our family. About DarkWolf was everyone sure and
  • As we had informed on our Facebook fanpage next stable version of MTA:SA is here and it's 1.5, unfortunately our hoster was busy and had some holidays so that's reason why it took longer period. Newest version brings a lot of new things as for example ingame browser. Link to official topic will be below, if you're advanced user what searching it. For connect to ours servers you need installed this version, for lazy users you have below of this download link too. About developing scripts I need to say that everything goes well! MisterQ is really handy and skilled, his work is great and ideas too! I really appreciate it and I'm so glad to have him in Developer team and family! See ya ingame!

    Official topic to release 1.5: