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  • This news thread is little bit delayed so sorry for that! First of all I want congratulations to our new Clan Members, they finally passed trial period and unique persons were promoted as Clan Members so I want welcome them in family. Declined persons next time try be better, more active and helpful for Clan and may you'll can see yourself there. With Clan Members and in that time Clan Trials we had "General Meeting" where I wanted consult some matters, everything was done successfully. Certainly students know begin of summer holidays, finally we finished school year 2015 and two months rest has came. In this free time I want to focus to XP server cuz' it's in devastated status. With my guys MisterQ, yourdeathcomes and Anzy I planing big…

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  • Before certain time we opening status to Join Requests, so persons who wanted to join our clan now have chance. But don't forget to our changes in recruitment system which was done and announced in nearly past. I want too remind you, don't be panic or under pressure just do best in your Join Request, write about yourself everything and don't worry we'll read long stories too! Recruitment period will be in OPEN status around two or more weeks according to interest.

    I know that our clan maybe isn't interesting for many persons now but we can changed it and be top in future. Nothing isn't impossible! We're preparing lot of new things, updates and new features hope we can done it also it isn't easy.

    You can also invite your friends and…
  • Good day dear players, I want inform you about few changes and news what coming to our clan. I trying to improve each what isn't sufficient in quality and work. Changes will relate to following matters: System "for it/not for it" in Join Request, Name of applications changing into "Join request", Delete request to Moderator rank, Rebuild Join request form for Trials, Rechange Clan Trial tag. Each of these matters I'll describe in details it this topic!

    System for it/not for it:
    First let me explain what's it, it system for Clan Members to say if they are for or not for take applicant into Trial period and test his/her experiences. But as I seen this system have very big and bad gaps. Clan Member just saying if he is for or not for but he…