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    • Forum changelog

      Burning Board® Version 4.1.0
      Modern shoutbox
      Design of website
      Social Media to sidebar
      Registration of new account
      Speed of sending emails, currently fixed speed is around 5-10 seconds
      Unban system
      Manual active new account
      All PHP errors
      "About Us" to page menu
      Server Control panel and Website Control panel
      Accounts with total posts less than 1
      Forum ranks: Newbie - 0 points, Greenhorn - 200 points, Advanced - 1,000 points, Expert - 5,000 points or more
      Earning points: Like Received - 1 point, Post - 5 points, Thread - 10 points
      "Clan Members" to page menu
      Clan ranks: Clan Trial, Clan Member, Administrator, Co-Leader, Leaders Additional: Webmaster, Developer
      Languages packs: English (main), German
      Fixed all emails: support, admin,

      Special thanks: sH0X, Manuel, Lukas, Billionaire, Andi, Cyberghost

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