cool Shadow vs. Xtreme Players

  • cool Shadow vs. Xtreme Players

    • Clan Website: Home - Cool Shadow
    • Contact: marvin.butzin1
    • Gamemode: DM
    • Clan Name: cool Shadow
    • Clan Tag: -cS//
    • Date & Date: 7th January 2016 // 16pm GMT+1
    • Server: XP Server
    • Maps: 10
    • Players: 5 vs. 5
    • Rounds: 20

    • [XP] Xtreme-Players
    - [DM]Gus V.7 - Needed Skill
    - [DM]xCro v8 - Atmosphere
    - [DM]MoX-_-Vol1-_-Silently Falling-_-
    - [DM]Gteatero - Noxious Force
    - [DM]GuilhermE ft. Nataam ft. AquiL - Surface II

    - Mr.Robee
    - yourdeathcomes
    - GameX
    - Scar
    - Snoopyx3

    - Bliitz
    - Goofy
    - Skeleton

    • -cS// cool Shadow

    - [DM]Packy ft. ReazZon Conspiration II
    - [DM]Nice v.7 - Industrial Skills -
    - [DM]Yami Vol9 - I hope that one day, you will be reunited with the one you cherish.
    - [DM]FiNN ft. StrangeR ft. CoVe - Hidden World In Greenery
    - [DM]Hons v4 - People help the people



    • Everyone from each clan is able to participate.
    • The max ping of a player is 280
    • The minimum FPS of a player is 30.
    • If no one reached the hunter, the clan that got furthest gets the point.
    • If at least 1 player from each team reached the same place and no one else got further, we will redo the current map.
    • If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map.
    • If someone times out while the map is running, we play further.
    • If someone of the team is lagging too much, a reserve player must replace him.
    • If the cw ends with a draw, we will play once an additional map chosen by both teams (from clanwar map list)
    • No camping, no cheating, no shortcutting or any other kind of 'cheating'. If someone will do any of these things he will get blown up.
    • Insulting, swearing and provoking is not allowed and will result in a mute and possibily a kick out of the CW without the possibility of replacing the kicked person.
    • Spraying to Hunters is not allowed.
    • If someone is spraying Hunters, the opposite team gets the point.
    • Back shooting while getting hunter is not allowed.
    • A Team whose player got backshooted, scores a point (previous rule).
    • Skipping nitro and repair pickups is allowed.
    • Waiting for nitro is allowed.
    • Players who get hunter are able to shoot vehicles.
    • Spraying vehicles is allowed (previous rule).
    • In case of map limit, the hunter fight will be moved for a hunter map.

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