Some changes

    • Some changes

      Dear XP Community
      as you noticed decreased my ingame activity because I am close finishing school.
      I rejoined because I had hope that Lisa would handle the community part and I handle the server.
      Soon Lisa left and I was on my own. I tried my best to improve the server with an userpanel, hud updates
      and race fixes. But as my graduation is getting closer I have to do more for school.
      This brings me to my decision:
      I will promote yourdeathcomes to Server Owner.
      He is almost since the beginning in touch with XP and he also has experience as owner. Ideas are already
      in work and I hope he can support XP much better in this position.
      Congratulations yourdeathcomes!

      If you guys still have any questions feel free to ask me or yourdeathcomes.

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