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  • Nobody -

    Du alter Sack lebst ja immer noch!

  • Chainik -


  • D1ZZUL -

    Where the hell are you man? Did you die or something?


  • ViruZz[ProDRIFT] -

    Alles fit?

  • Claude -

    Hi Styla i want to ask if u will make new car mods like Nissan 240x and nissan GTR and Lambo Aventador ... any way i have car mods and they are scripted by me if u want i can give u cuz i have the most popular cars and plz replay ;)

  • chuwie009 -

    Hey men i wrote a letter to the owners to come a member xp again because im back to xp server now in Xp collin change my nickname because he say im not a member so help me please

  • twista -

    na alles fit bei dir komm bald wieder auf dem geilen server :thumbsup:

  • [XP]LexiTraxX -

    :love: stylaaaa :)))

  • kubaspox2012 -

    You have to actively play - i play 24/7 so ye :))

    In Game

    Name: SkRIll3X

    Name: Jacob
    Age: 14
    Hobbies: i like to play = Mw2,3,1 all cod's Mta .
    County: London

    Why I want to join the Xtreme-Players Clan 3 sentence)
    Like clans that have loads of people. Good clan. Have friends in this clan
    Why I am the right ? (3 sentence) Because im always right. I treat people equaly (GOOD) . Wanna make more friends

    You Have you noticed the applicationform, and then your application oriented ?:Yes

  • trance -

    hey can u reply me at join xp member

  • _Xp3Ri4_ -

    [color=#ff0000][u][size=14][b]Entschuldigung für die Vorfälle auf dem Server[/b][/size][/u][/color]:

    Liebes [XP]Team,

    hiermit Entschuldige ich mich für die [url=''][b]rassistischen[/b] [b]äußerungen[/b][/url] die ich am 06.07. von mir gelassen habe.
    Leider bin ich mir nicht ganz im Sinne wie es dazu gekommen ist, und es überhaupt dazu kommen konnte.

    Ich hoffe Ihr nehmt die Entschuldigung an.


  • trance -

    Application fo XP Member by trance.
    This Application is for join the Xtreme-Players Clan.

    You have to actively play - yes i play all of the time
    Fairplay Yes i treat everyone right
    No insult other Gamer no i do not insult other players

    Name: trance

    Name: NDT
    Age: 20
    Hobbies: i like to play counterl and MTA
    County: malaysia

    Why I want to join the Xtreme-Players Clan 3 sentence)
    I would like to join Xp clan because i am real close with a lot of XP members. The clan is amazing and i have always want to be in it. And i am a very active player.

    Why I am the right ? (3 sentence)
    I am right because i treat all players respect. I will not abuse my authority. And i always like to make friends and help people with stuff they need help with

    You Have you noticed the applicationform, and then your application oriented ?

    Yes [X]

    No [

  • trance -

    styla u can put me at xpteam plss i hope u put me ya

  • [XP]Kpuccc -

    The Best Owner!

  • ndt92 -

    You have to actively play Fairplay No insult other Gamer InGame Name: NDT Reallife Name: afiq Age: 20 Hobbies: Play MTA County:malaysia Why I want to join the Xtreme-Players Clan 3 sentence) I love this team I already play very long on this server I got good relations with the team members Why I am the right ? (3 sentence) I got a good character Im a nice guy to play with I like the clan and people who are in it You Have you noticed the applicationform, and then your application oriented ? Yes [x] No [ ] Im no Insult other players I hope to Join the Xtreme-Players.MTA: SA

  • TDI-[proDRIFT] -

    hey styla

  • Rocket -

    Sk_Styla Would you help me? Moptodel quiets me in vain, Swearing me.And people who take the game does not interfere with my play on.Complaints of this. Plsssss..... ;( ;( ;( ;( ;( [font='arial, sans-serif'][size=12]

  • dwthebomb -

    Yoooo SK_Styla i liked the old real-cars pack with the dodge charger and golf and aston martin! cant you put them back?? or just add them with the pack there is now??


  • |X5|Fuerza-Aerea -

    SK_STYLA please check mi aplication for XP member i want to join please chek it and i will kiss your shoes!

  • diegofkda -

    go to da irc chat

  • Invalid User -

    hey styla
    schon was vom hoster gehört?
    hast du skype oder etc.?
    pn mich mal

    lg ydc

  • [PGU]Cammy -

    Why can i not find the freedom server and even when i use the ip/port it still does not work, what do i do? Please help me ASAP ;(

  • hannanz -

    hey wasssup :P :thumbsup: :thumbup:

  • abdou -

    Please SK_Styla, i need your help. Fin_Kivi was kill everybody in the game because he say everybody are rammer. We aren't. Every thing is normal, i'm was in Four Dragnos casino, then go to other places. He was lie, we tell him that we will tell you about this. Then i saw him change his name to ghost (not other player that called gho$t) and he say "i'm not Fin_Kivi" but he was in FP, XP and Fallout list (always moving), and he say if I tell you, he will say I have hack and he say to Collin. Please help us, Please help us, My name in the game is Mr.omar[FallOut]boss5. Please, we need you to help me and other players and I want to tell you about thing that I'm not lie. I'm Muslim, I never lie. Please believe me, even though I'm Musilm. :(

  • SK[PD]RecruiteR -

    Hi SK_Styla, i would like to know one of the server song name, can you tell me were to find it or tell me plz?
    Thank you :)

  • Danilo -

    can u pls open the member app? ;( ^^

  • backflip -

    can u change my name to darkster? ty :)

  • Abram -

    Hi Styla..
    my name is Abram..
    I want to ask you..
    Can i become a member in your team in XP
    i'm fairplay in game.
    No stingy to give information for all player if ask me..
    Because my dream become a [XP}
    :) ;)

    THannks Styla you very :thumbsup:

  • arazbaba06 -

    Ich mag an adminlik çaktım gelten

  • arazbaba06 -

    To me the chief of admin
    Hit the hot Step :S